Texas Health Resources Mental Health Technician Full-time Days Plano Hospital in Plano, Texas

Job Description


H.S. Diploma or Equivalent 1 Year Req Or

H.S. Diploma or Equivalent CNA - Certified Nurse Aid certificaiton Req Or

Associate's Degree healthcare related field Req

Bachelor's Degree healthcare related field Pref

Licenses and Certifications

BCLS - Basic Cardiac Life Support Upon Hire Req And

CPI - Crisis Prevention Intervention Training Upon Hire Req And

ACPI - Advanced Crisis Prevention Intervention Training maintained annually 6 Months Req Or

CPI - Crisis Prevention Intervention Training 30 Days Req And

ACPI - Advanced Crisis Prevention Intervention Training maintained annually 12 Months Req


Individual Contributor

ADA Requirements

Extreme Heat 1-33%

Extreme Cold 1-33%

Extreme Swings in Temperature 1-33%

Extreme Noise 1-33%

Working Outdoors 1-33%

Working Indoors 67% or more

Mechanical Hazards 1-33%

Electrical Hazards 67% or more

Explosive Hazards 1-33%

Fume/Odor Hazards 1-33%

Dust/Mites Hazards 1-33%

Chemical Hazards 1-33%

Toxic Waste Hazards 1-33%

Radiation Hazards 1-33%

Wet Hazards 1-33%

Heights 1-33%

Other Conditions 1-33%

Physical Demands

Medium Work


Assists with and helps coordinate patient care

Assists with all patient care provided by the multidisciplinary team.

Encourages team members. Provides instruction to team members.

Greets and receives patients admitting/arriving to the unit/area.

Orients patient to surroundings, reviews safety procedures, and unit rules/guidelines while coordinating with the nurse

Prepares patient to be discharged/transferred. Assists with gathering belongings and making sure all belongings are returned to the patient (with the exception of medication).

Meets and exceeds the standards of care and safety

Serves as resource in recognizing potential complications and takes action proactively by reporting to nurse

Is proactive in addressing potential patient needs/issues and takes action to meet those needs

Consistently monitors patient activity and collects patient data according to unit standards. Documents data legibly, per unit standard, and relays to nurse.

Communicates any changes in patient status immediately to the nurse

Consistently provides care as delegated by the nurse

Conducts rounds, documents close observation rounds per unit standards, completes environment of care rounds. Reports hazards to proper department if they cannot be immediately corrected (i.e. entering work orders)

MHT led groups performed on time

Assist with alerting patients to group schedule and encouraging group attendance

Proficiently identify escalating behavior/signs and symptoms in patients and immediately report to nurse


Teamwork and collaboration; the ability to work effectively and productively with co-workers and other disciplines

Therapeutic communication Interacts well with other members of the health care team Communicates appropriately by demonstrating the following:

?�� active listening

?�� therapeutic communication skills (to include but not limited to open-ended questions, paraphrasing, restating, summarizing, focusing, clarifying, reflecting, silence Recognizes role of culture, language, and ethnicity in communication Utilizes non-verbal elements of communication to enhance congruent message

?�� tone, rhythm, inflection

?�� body language, stance

?�� kinesics (eye contact, facial expression, smiling, head nodding)

?�� proxemics (respecting personal space of 12-18 inches) Recognizes patient by name and avoids words of endearment (sweetie, honey, etc.) Evaluates educational level of patient, family for appropriate communication Timely, complete and accurate documentation with facts, avoiding opinion

Safe Patient Care Organizes workload and effectively collaborates with nursing staff to prioritize care Anticipates patient/family/visitor needs and takes action to meet those needs Identifies and considers all workable alternatives before making decisions Demonstrates ability of effectively manage multiple tasks and/or directions Helps others use reasoning and evidence rather than unsupported opinions Anticipates problems based on patient behavior and acts accordingly Proactive multidisciplinary approach in caring for the patients Serves as a resource for addressing treatment issues Proactive in identifying and reporting complex patient needs to the nurse Assists peers with workload without prompting Assists physicians without prompting (i.e. getting patients, etc.)


Maintains and provides service recoveryActs as a positive representative in the workplace as well as the community

Presents as a positive representative of the entity

Practices appropriate telephone etiquette

Practices confidentiality and privacy and complies with HIPAA guidelines

Promotes and maintains a safe environment. Reports hazards to proper department if they cannot be immediately corrected (i.e. entering work orders)

Anticipates and accommodates customer needs, putting patients first

Is a patient advocate

Consistently maintains professional atmosphere on unit

Role model for service excellence

Encourages other to prevent breach in confidentiality

Seeks and corrects safety issues, encourages other to make corrections

Anticipates needs and seeks opportunities to assist others and is a role model for the team.

Always asks "What is best for the patient?"

AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, Thank)

HEART (Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Respond, Thank) and service excellence


Performs technical skills under the supervision of the RN

Keep unit and patient areas clean and stocked as required

Collect, label, and send specimens per entity policy

Demonstrates ability to accurately perform blood glucose testing in a timely manner, performs QC testing per policy

Follows policy and procedure for hand hygiene and two patient identifiers

Performs VS per unit standard

Responds to patient alarms within scope of practice

Demonstrates consistent compliance with fall precautions, fall prevention protocol, and policies

Demonstrate ability to accurately perform breathalyzer testing per entity protocol

Patient belongings collected and inventoried per unit standard document in CareConnect per entity protocol

Performs and documents patient searches and contraband removal/disposition according to policy

Proficient in noticing escalating behavior/signs and symptoms in patients and reporting to nurse

Follow policy and procedure for precautions on patient population as appropriate

Complete unit tasks as needed (i.e. making charts, breaking down charts, copying, faxing, etc.)


Professional Responsibility

Adherence to THR and entity employment policies

Complies with Time & Attendance policy clocking in/out, tardiness, missed punches, PTO usage, proper use of time clock (clocking in to the

correct cost center)

Complies with department specific guidelines for scheduling

Complies with department guidelines for supply utilization

Demonstrates adaptability and flexibility to changes in schedule and/or workload assignments when necessary to meet changing needs of the

individual patient or unit

Adheres to hospital and unit guidelines for breaks, personal calls

Adheres to cells phone use and computer use following the THR policy on "Electronic Communications Acceptable Use"

Adhere to Personal Appearance and Professional Image policy

Maintains job specific requirements such as CPI, CPR, TB testing/employee health screening, Flu vaccine hospital reorientation, annual skills validation and any other department/hospital/system requirement

Presents a "Can-Do Attitude"

Follows Chain of Command when appropriate

Understands how decisions impact the unit/organization

Timely communication


Demonstrates initiative for ongoing learning and professional growth

Achieves professional growth and development through participation in educational programs and/or providing inservices

Actively participates in staff meetings and/or committee meetings

Attends 10 staff meetings per year, according to entity policy

Actively participates in committees, process improvement projects, and special assignments. Encourages others to do the same.

Ensures a conducive learning environment for orientees. Assists with new employee orientation.

Identifies opportunities for improvement, implements, and supports change


Employment opportunities are only reflective of wholly owned Texas Health Resources entities.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employees or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.